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on Alcohol & Teens (AAT)


This network of Minnesota citizens works to reduce youth access to alcohol.

AAT is seeking to change state and local policies that would hold both

merchants and other adults accountable for selling or giving alcohol to

underage persons. The web site includes information about the program

and its strategies, and includes a compilation of fact sheets and resources

on youth access to alcohol.


Century Council


The Century Council supports a variety of initiatives that advance strategies

to reduce underage drinking and youth access to alcohol. The Council’s

web site has pages devoted to enforcement efforts, such as Cops In Shops

and the Front Lines program (promotional materials for minimum purchase

age awareness and enforcement). The site further describes the Council’s

involvement in efforts to pass zero tolerance laws and legislation allowing

administrative license revocation for the prevention of impaired driving.

Educational programs for parents, teens, and college students are also

featured at this web site.

Community Support Initiative (CSI) for Underage Drinking


The Community Support Initiative for Enforcing

Underage Drinking Laws (CSI-EUDL) was formulated by Community Health

Associates to contract with the Oregon Department of Human Services, Office

of Metal Health & Addiction Services (OMHAS) to organize and help facilitate

community training opportunities for law enforcement and community members

throughout the state of OR who are interested in addressing underage

drinking within their communities. The trainings specifically focus on

compliance check investigations and party prevention & controlled dispersal


DSHS Division of Alcohol and Substance

Abuse/ Prevention


The Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse promotes

strategies that support healthy lifestyles by preventing the misuse of

alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and support recovery from the disease of

chemical dependency.


Truth and Clarity about Alcohol


The FACE (Facing Alcohol Concerns through Education) web site describes

the organization’s focus on media development, training, and advocacy.

Links to the product catalog and order form provide access to videos,

commercials, outdoor advertising, and print materials that address the

health and safety risks associated with alcohol. These media, and FACE

training sessions as well, may be of particular interest to those working

in the area of community norms.

MADD Youth In Action


In 1996, MADD announced its new partnership with concerned youth to

combat underage drinking and the #1 drug problem among youth in America —

ALCOHOL. Lack of enforcement of the 21 drinking age laws, easy access to

alcohol, irresponsible alcohol marketing practices, lack of youth

education and prevention programs, and parents who condone underage

drinking as a “rite of passage” all contribute to alcohol being

the number one drug of choice among youth today. In response, MADD has

developed a community based youth program called Youth In Action (YIA).

With the help of the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and

Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) and the Pacific Institute for Research and

Evaluation (PIRE), MADD currently has YIA teams in almost fifty

communities across the country. These teams of young people are working on

projects that are helping to reduce the availability of alcohol to minors.



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