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Global Trade Talks Raise Worries
Miles Townes 3/31/2003
E-mail to GAPA regarding
alcoholic milk drinks in Australia
Miles Townes 3/18/2003
Re: E-mail to GAPA regarding
alcoholic milk drinks in Australia
[email protected]
Alcohol Increases HIV Risk (BBC
Miles Townes 3/18/2003
Monks insist on high-alcohol
beer (BBC)
Miles Townes 1/10/2003
Alcohol-soaked spring break
lures students abroad (USA Today)
Miles Townes 1/9/2003
CDC study reports binge drinking
on rise (US)
Miles Townes 1/9/2003
Adolescent brain ‘sensitive to
drugs’ (BBC  11/10/02)
Miles Townes 11/11/2002
Excerpt on alcohol from 2002 WHO
World Health Report
Miles D. Townes 11/4/2002
Community Anti-Drug Program
Didn’t Work: Study (Yahoo News, USA)
Miles Townes 10/24/2002
Gin Blossoms: Miles
Townes 10/24/2002
New Study Shows Underage Youth a
Target of Alcohol Marketing (CAMY)
Miles Townes 10/22/2002
Perceptions of alcohol use in
Miles Townes 10/21/2002
About posting articles
Miles 10/18/2002
Welcome to the GAPA Discussion
Beer Toppling Vodka’s Reign
(Washington Post, 10/14/02)
Miles Townes 10/14/2002

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