National Leadership Conference Presentations – 2007

Presentations from the 2007 National Leadership Conference are available for downloading using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Presentations are divided by series.


State Highlights from Opening Session

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A1 – Parents Who Host Lose the Most and Social Host Laws: The Perfect Match
A2 – Take Reasonable Steps to Prevent Litigation
A4 – Rural Investigation and Response to Underage Drinking

A5 – Reducing Underage Access at Special Events: Policies that Shape the Environment

A7 – The Million Dollar Baby
A8 – Creating Sustainability in Alcohol Enforcement Programs

A9 – Stop Promotion of Alcohol Aimed at Kids


A15 – EUDL Block Grant Performance Reporting: Review and Summary


B2 – Kicking It Up a Notch: Increasing Your Community’s Readiness to Prevent Youth Drug Abuse

B3 – Removing Alcohol Ads from Public Transit
B9 – Pay It Forward: Go Lead Our World!


C1 – The Power of Partnership: Westchester County’s Experience with Coordinated Enforcement Efforts
C2 – “Busting the Binge” Unique Enforcement Techniques to Address Binge Drinking in a Wisconsin College Town
C3 – Strengthening Rural Communities: Working with Alcohol Vendors and Improving Attitudes Towards Responsible Beverage Services
C4 – Reducing Underage Drinking Among Arizona College Students: A Statewide Approach
C11 – Rural Communities’ Use of Volunteers in Enforcement


D2 – Blazing New Trails in Texas: Utilizing Statewide Initiatives
D6 – Project Graduation – A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Underage Drinking

D7 – Do You Buy It?

(Due to the size of this presentation, it was necessary to break it into several sections.)

D13 – Emerging Products: Alcoholic Energy Drinks
D14 – Partnering at the Local Level: Strategies for Success

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E1 – The Disconnect Between Model Programs and Communities
E2 – Liquor SAVVY (Saturation, Atmosphere, Venue, Violence and Youth)
E5 – Total Community Mobilization – On the Critical Path – “The Solution”
E8 – Proactive Keg Regulation Enforcement – Why Wait for the Tragedy?
E10 – Sustainability for Environmental Strategy Coalitions
E11 – Environmental Management, Policy Development, and Enforcement in Higher Education

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F -Series

F4 – “One Year Later: The Lasting Impact of an Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Grant – A Model Collaborative Program in Reducing Underage Drinking”
F7 – Advocacy and State Alcohol Control Boards: A Vital Component in a Community’s Efforts to Prevent Underage Drinking
F9 – Where’s the Party?: Modern Techniques to Locate Underage Drinking Parties
F10 – Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws in Rural Pennsylvania
F11 – Focus – “Prevention”
F13 – Here Me Is!!! After High School, Where’s the Party?

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EUDL State Coordinators’ Pre-conference Meeting

Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) Block Grant Program – Presented by Scott Pestridge

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National Leadership Conference Presentations – 2007
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