Community-Based Programs

The UDETC offers a variety of valuable tools, resources, and services for community leaders to utilize that will enhance their underage drinking prevention and enforcement efforts. These items are intended to help communities achieve success with implementation of environmental management approaches that include proactive enforcement, use of environmental strategies, and awareness building/education to advance enforcement and policy goals to create safer and healthier community environments. To learn more, click on the following links:


Onsite training and technical assistance services, in conjunction with other mediums and technologies are available to help advance local and State/Territory efforts.

  • Trainings
    • On-site Trainings
    • National Leadership Conference/Symposium
    • Distance Learning
    • Training Toolkits
    • Training Certification
    • Audio-teleconferences
  • Technical Assistance
    • On-site strategic technical assistance
    • General technical assistance

Tools and Resources:

A cadre of valuable tools and resources from a variety of sources are available for your use.

  • College e-Kit
  • Community Assessment and Survey Tools
  • FAQs
  • Newsroom
  • Publications
  • Research Links
  • Resource Alerts
  • Sample Laws and Ordinances
  • State Costs of Underage Drinking
  • State Information
  • State Resources
  • Success Stories
  • Web Links




Community-Based Programs
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