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Youth Initiative Description:

National Youth InitiativeDescription:

In 2008, the Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center (UDETC) launched the UDETC National Youth Initiative. The goal of the UDETC National Youth initiative is to provide youth (ages 14-17) with effective prevention tools and strong leadership skills to support their work toward implementing successful environmental prevention. Empowerment is the core of the initiative. Youth learn leadership by leading and becoming partners in solving problems which impact underage drinking. The initiative will be committed to providing youth, adult advisors and the community with research, education and prevention resources to reduce the incidence of underage drinking and access to alcohol by minors. Though the initiative is structured for growth, commitment and empowerment our goal is to be creative, challenging, unique and informative!

Our Vision

To develop a comprehensive, structured initiative to empower and support youth (ages 14-17) and their adult advisors by creating a National environment where underage drinking is unacceptable and inaccessible to young people (youth under 21). The initiative will nurture youths’ existing skills and develop additional skills to support them in the implementation of environmental strategies with an outcome of producing measurable outcomes and sustainability changes.



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