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Since 1996 UDETC has been working to enforce underage drinking laws and reduce underage drinking.  Funded by an OJJDP grant, this webpage is intended for use by youth who are interested in preventing and eliminating the harmful consequences of underage drinking. Alcohol is the most abused drug by youth.  What makes this initiative unique is its emphasis on developing strong relationships between law enforcement and youth. UDETC works with environmental strategies to change the culture and norms of the communities in which we live. This webpage is a tool to connect youth and give them the resources to create a safer world by challenging community norms surrounding underage drinking. The objective: to engage youth from across the country and support them as they learn and share their leadership skills in preventing underage drinking.

Approaches (included but not limited to):

  • Youth leadership and training
  • Enforcement/Youth collaborations
  • Community based/environmental strategies
  • Media advocacy
  • Education and awareness

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