Controlled Party Dispersal Database

What is the Controlled Party Dispersal Database?

Despite prevention efforts, underage-drinking parties do occur.

When they do, law enforcement agencies can utilize the controlled

dispersal plan as a method for closing underage alcohol parties.

Controlled dispersal is a systematic operational plan using the

concepts of zero-tolerance and education to safely and efficiently

close the underage-drinking party. A successful controlled dispersal

results in effective zero-tolerance enforcement by placing appropriate

charges against the violator. It also minimizes the potential for

disaster by ensuring that the party attendees are provided a safe

ride home. The proper implementation of the controlled dispersal

plan will benefit your community and its youth by reducing the negative

consequences associated with underage drinking.

Law enforcement agencies that are implementing controlled party

dispersal operations as a proactive strategy to reduce underage

drinking-related problems can use this database to enter data related

to dispersal operations. This database collects information related

to each dispersal operation your agency conducts, such as number

of underage drinkers at the party, number of participants arrested

and the source of alcohol, can be stored into the database. This

database is essentially a reporting form that is easy to use and

easy to retrieve information.

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Why use the Controlled Party Database?

This database allows you to store, analyze, and report data related

to your controlled party dispersal over time and can be useful to

educating the public as to the effectiveness of your controlled

dispersal strategy. The database can also:

  • Tell us who is providing alcohol to minors at these parties
  • Raise community awareness and build support for continued use of controlled party dispersal
  • Help monitor the impact of prevention strategies
  • Inform parents that they will be held responsible for holding underage-drinking parties

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How do you use the Controlled Party

Dispersal Database?

  1. Obtain an ID and Password. (Click on the New User button to complete form.)
  2. Once you have an ID and Password, simply fill

    out the information requested in the database. Prior to your next

    controlled dispersal operation, you should familiarize yourself

    with the questions that are asked in the database. You may want

    to print a copy of the database and take it with you on your next

    controlled party dispersal operation.

  3. After a controlled dispersal operation, please fill out the information

    requested in the database and hit submit. The information for that

    operation is now stored in the database and you have access to the

    program for data entry, analysis, and reports. You will only have

    access to the information that you enter.

If you any questions related to this database, please contact Bill Patterson at [email protected] or 919-265-2623.

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Controlled Party Dispersal Database
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