Underage Drinking: What Others Are Doing

 In Pottsville, Pennsylvania

The number of arrests for sales to minors and for underage drinking doubled from 30 in a two-month period last year to 60 in the same period this year. Six of those arrests came when police broke up a house party in which five teens were charged with underage drinking and one adult was charged with furnishing alcohol to minors.

The Pottsville coalition has solicited the participation of 19 police departments in the surrounding area for upcoming special enforcement operations.

These enforcement activities are generating news coverage and public attention. Parents are voicing concern about underage alcohol use, and report that they are scrutinizing their children’s activities more closely and initiating dialogue with their children about alcohol use. Student representatives report that these efforts are making an impact on student awareness and concern about the legal consequences of underage alcohol use.

Police actions, media attention, and parent concerns have recently generated interest in a community-wide review of the school Code of Conduct for Youth. The intent of this review is to ensure that the Code is consistent with both the laws and norms for youth behavior in the Pottsville community.

For more information, contact Mark Alonge, Director, North Central Highway Safety Network, Pottsville, PA at (570) 628-2414.

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