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Prevention Strategies:

The Training Center

is developing a number of documents on the different strategies that can

be used to prevent underage drinking:

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Strategies To Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology

and Brief Overview provides a summary of

the various strategies commonly used to reduce underage drinking and indicates

the level of effect that might be expected from each strategy. The information

is designed to assist States in setting priorities for activities to be

funded with block grant money.

Download a copy: PDF version

Guide to Conducting Alcohol Purchase Surveys &

Guide to Conducting Youth Surveys provide

step-by-step information for data collection efforts that can be undertaken

by States or localities to identify specific problem areas and to measure

and monitor changes over time in alcohol use, sources of alcohol, and

merchant compliance with the law.

Download Guide to Conducting Alcohol Purchase Surveys: PDF version

Download Guide to Conducting Youth Surveys: PDF version

Strategic Media Advocacy for Enforcement of Underage

Drinking Laws provides State Coordinators

and others with practical information on using the media efficiently and

effectively to bring about better enforcement of underage drinking laws.

The vast majority of States identified media campaigns as a major component

of their State action plans. In addition, media coverage is an essential

component of enforcement.


Preventing Sales of Alcohol to Minors: What You Should

Know About Merchant Education Programs is

a factsheet that defines merchant education and distills current research

knowledge on the effectiveness of merchant education programs, the components

they should include, and how these programs fit within a larger community


Download document: PDF version

Regulatory Strategies for Preventing Youth Access

to Alcohol: Best Practices identifies the

various types of laws that can be used to restrict minors’ access to alcohol

and to enhance enforcement efforts. The characteristics of well-crafted

laws are described and common loopholes pointed out. The information can

be used by State Coordinators to identify needed changes in legislation

as well as useful opportunities for better enforcement.

Download document: PDF version

In addition to preparing publications, the Training

Center is coordinating technical assistance events to provide opportunities

to learn more about prevention strategies.

Participate in the upcoming Audio

Teleconference on October 6th, 1999.

Media Advocacy To Support Your Policy Objectives will provide an overview

of media advocacy concepts, along with ways that media can be used as

part of an overall strategy to enforce underage drinking laws. Examples

of how media can be used to accomplish statewide goals will be highlighted.

View the summary from the Training Center’s Audio

Teleconference on Effective Prevention Strategies. The seminar

provided a framework for understanding the variety of strategies available

to prevent underage alcohol use, including an assessment of the level

of effectiveness that can be expected from each strategy based upon existing

research and evaluation.

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