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Parent Power Montana

The Parent Power Montana web site is designed to give you tools you need to curb underage drinking, binge drinking, and drinking and driving in Montana.


Parents are the #1 influence in a child’s life. Having ongoing conversations with a child is an effective way to prevent underage drinking. This website provides information on how to start the conversation at any age. Visitors can sign up for monthly emails based on their child’s age, ask a youth development specialist questions, follow the blog, take the parenting style quiz, browse the resources, and follow Parents LEAD on Facebook.

Think Underage Drinking Doesn’t Affect a Teen’s Brain? Think Again.


It’s a fact. New research shows alcohol affects a teenager’s developing brain differently than an adult’s. Memory, learning and impulse control can be impaired seriously. The risk of addiction goes up dramatically. This document, produced by the Idaho Office of Drug Control Policy was distributed statewide To help parents talk to their kids about the dangers of alcohol and how to set clear rules about no alcohol use.

Underage Drinking Consequences, Facts, and Laws (MN)

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s website provides useful information about underage drinking facts, laws, and consequences; as well as an informational brochure for parents and youth.

State Resources – Parent Resources
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