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Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Underage Drinking Video: What Really Happened

College students have been drinking alcohol for years, so when Jennifer’s parents decide to let her have a pool party with a little alcohol they figured – what could go wrong? It was her 18th birthday, she was getting ready to start college and her older, responsible brother was going to be home. So they mix up a batch of “weak” margaritas, and remind her to be responsible before leaving. A few posts on social media later and Jennifer is ready to celebrate with her best friend Cindy. A few more bottles of alcohol provided by her brother arrive along with a few more people than planned, thanks to the numerous posts – it’s one of the first parties of summer vacation after all. Jennifer and her friends start celebrating and it does not take long for things to spiral out of control. Jennifer and her family are left to face the realization that they are now responsible for damage caused when alcohol is provided to minors – What Really Happened impacts the community, friendships and everyone’s planned carefree summer.

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