Alcohol Compliance Check Database

What is the Compliance Check/Alcohol Purchase Survey


The Compliance Check/Alcohol Purchase Survey Database is a tool

that law enforcement agencies and community groups can use to track

illegal sales to minors. This database is designed so that individuals

from local enforcement agencies and community groups may enter their

data from either compliance checks or alcohol purchase surveys

directly into the system. The database is designed with the intention

that the local official or individual most familiar with the local

data will be able to enter the data into the system easily.

These operations involve sending minors or young-looking adults

into stores to purchase alcohol. In this way, law enforcement agencies

and community members can find out who is selling alcoholic beverages

to our children. The OJJDP Guide to Conducting Alcohol Purchase Surveys 

includes in Appendix 3 (page 62) a Data Collection Form for completion

following alcohol purchase attempts by a minor or youthful-looking

adult during alcohol sales compliance operations. This form collects

information and is designed to permit immediate opportunities for

data analysis, interpretation, and reporting. The database is especially

helpful for analysis of survey and enforcement findings, and for

comparison of findings over time.

Why use Compliance Checks and/or Alcohol Purchase Surveys?

Illegal sales to minors can be prevented, but most communities

need valid information in order to do the most effective job of

prevention.  Compliance Checks/Alcohol purchase survey operations

can provide this information.  They also:

  • Tell us who is selling to minors and how often
  • Raise community awareness and build support for reducing sales to minors
  • Inform merchants that they are being monitored by the community
  • Aid law enforcement
  • Help monitor the impact of prevention strategies

How do you use the Compliance Check/Alcohol Purchase Survey Database?

  1. Obtain an ID and Password. (Click on New User button to complete form.)
  2. Once you have an ID and password, simply fill out the

    information requested in the database.  Prior to your next

    compliance check or alcohol purchase survey, you should familiarize

    yourself with the questions that are asked in the database. You

    may want to print a copy of the database and take it with you on

    your next operation.

  3. After the compliance check or purchase survey, please fill out

    the information requested in the database and submit.  The

    information for that operation is now stored in the database and

    you have access to the program for data entry, analysis, and reports. 

    You will only have access to the information that you enter.

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