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UDETC develops publications to assist states and communities in their efforts to enforce underage drinking laws and prevent environmental conditions that contribute to underage drinking. All publications are available for downloading through the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. To view a description of any publication, move your cursor over the publication title.

NOTE: We currently have a surplus of some publications, which are identified below with an asterisk. If you are interested in receiving copies, please email with the quantity and mailing information.

Overview and Framework Measuring and Monitoring
Operational Guides for Law Enforcement Other Support Documentation

Overview and Framework

Environmental Strategies to Prevent Alcohol Problems on College Campuses  
EUDL Overview  
Guide to Responsible Alcohol Sales: Off Premise Clerk, Licensee, and Manager Training  
* Guide to Zero Tolerance and Graduated Licensing: Two Strategies that Work  
Preventing Sales of Alcohol to Minors: What You Should Know About Merchant Education Programs  
  Regulatory Strategies for Preventing Youth Access to Alcohol: Best Practices  
  Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology and Brief Overview  
* Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use (Spanish) Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology and Brief Overview (Spanish) - Estrategias Para Reducir El Consumo De Alcohol En Los Menores  

Measuring and Monitoring

Date Published
  Guide to Conducting Alcohol Purchase Surveys  
  Guide to Conducting Youth Surveys  
* Tips for Soliciting Cohesive Enforcement Program Plans  

Operational Guides for Law Enforcement

* Guide for Enforcing Impaired Driving Laws for Youth  
  A Practical Guide to Preventing and Dispersing Underage Drinking Parties  
  Law Enforcement Guide To False Identification  
  Networking for Success  
* Reducing Alcohol Sales to Underage Purchasers: A Practical Guide to Compliance Check Investigations  
  Strategies for Reducing Third-Party Transactions of Alcohol to Underage Youth  
  Success in Youth Alcohol Enforcement  
  Law Enforcement and Higher Education: Finding Common Ground To Address Underage Drinking On Campus  

Other Support Documentation

Community Strategies to Reduce Underage Drinking: Developing a Work Plan  
Drinking In America: Myths, Realities, and Prevention Policy  
EUDL Project Evaluations  
  How to Use Local Regulatory and Land Use Powers to Prevent Underage Drinking  
* Indian Country Law Enforcement and the Challenges of Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws  
  OJJDP Development Grants to Colleges Yield Improvement in Underage Drinking Enforcement  
The OJJDP Judicial and Probation Outreach Project  
* Schools and the Community Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Environment  
* Strategic Media Advocacy for Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws  
  Underage Drinking: Intervention Principles and Practice Guidelines for Community Corrections  
* Writing Effective Requests for Proposals Sub-Granting Process  
  Youth Drinking Rates and Problems: A Comparison of European Countries and the United States  

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